Notes of Thanks

May 3, 2013 — Leave a comment


I have been a fan of Jimmy Fallon since his days on Saturday Night Live.  I loved that Jimmy had difficulty making it through sketches without cracking up.  It was like watching a fan of the show get the opportunity to be a part of the cast.  So naturally I became a fan of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  One bit I look forward to every week is Jimmy’s thank you notes.  He writes witty thank you notes to literally anyone and anything.  Here is a clip so you get the feel:

Recently, as I was watching I thought, “That isn’t a half bad idea; sending thank you notes out to people each week.”  I have always been a thankful person, but I have always had difficulty expressing my thanks to others.  I was the child who would get a gift for my birthday or Christmas and you might get a thank you note a month later.  (This was through no fault of my mother, by the way.)  I was instructed to do it, but I just didn’t have a great system to follow through.  So I decided to give this a try.

So Fridays at the end of the day, I now sit at my desk play the same music (because I can and it makes me laugh) from Jimmy Fallon’s show I found on YouTube and write my weekly thank you notes.  I am hoping this helps convey my thankfulness to the individuals around me, but I believe this action will also make me a more thankful person.


Question: Who do you need to send a thank you note to this week?  Why?