I’m Going To Be A Daddy

April 29, 2013 — 4 Comments

First Sonogram cropped

Wow!!! It is hard to describe how I feel right now. I am so excited. I have known I wanted to be a father my entire life. At the same time, I am SCARED to death. The thought of being responsible for someone’s physical well being is enough cause for concern. Combine that with the idea of being responsible for someone’s spiritual well being and that’s enough to petrify you. The idea that I am responsible for someone’s soul is a big weight. One I don’t take lightly. I understand spiritual matters are an individual decision, but if I am not responsible for the spiritual upbringing of my child, who is? Despite my reservations, it is something I am really looking forward to. To know I will be the one to teach my child about God is something that is blowing my mind.

I have had the great opportunity to teach many people about God as a Youth Minister, Youth Intern, and as a student leader in high school. Some of my favorite teaching moments have been teaching people with no knowledge of God, Christianity, or the Bible (Yes, those people exist in America). Those opportunities are amazing, to see someone’s eyes light up when they get it. It is unbelievable to see them meet Jesus and to see their life change. However, none of that can compare to the opportunity to introduce my child to the Creator of the universe.


To show him/her:

God was there from the beginning, how He wants a relationship with him/her, a relationship more intimate than the one I have with him/her.

God provided for His people over and over again. That no matter what people did, God’s grace was always there for them.

Examples of people that stood up for God no matter what, like the prophets who even when their own people turned against God, they still stood for God and spoke the truth.

Jesus and the sacrifice he made for his/her sins and the salvation he/she can have in him.

The Church where he/she can find true community.


I can’t wait to experience these coming opportunities to watch my child grow spiritually and see him/her discover God!

Question: What has been your favorite spiritual moment with your child?

  • http://www.facebook.com/living.large.756 Living Large

    Baptism! Definitely. But it is also the little things: teach them songs, seeing their face when you know the light bulb comes on. It’s a wonderful ride (and sometimes disheartening).

  • http://www.jacobhenry.org/ Jacob Henry

    That has to be an AWESOME moment!!!

  • Lisa

    In a time of rebellion hearing, “if this plane crashes, I’m going to hell”, was good because I knew he did get “it” and cared. And then the baptism after 3 years of hardness. Such joy! and relief and a complete turn around from that moment. Hard eurcharisteo.

  • http://www.jacobhenry.org/ Jacob Henry

    Sometimes it’s the struggle that causes us to grow. Not that we remember that in the moment.